2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review – The 2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review that Dodge has been teasing for weeks now will not as we previously hypothesized, be four wheel drive. Rather than it will most absolutely be rear-wheel drive as Dodge’s most current intro video clip (ingrained below this post) plainly shows. It’s the current expose in a collection of information declines; we most recently found out that it’ll have just one seat.

The new video depicts a helmeted figure unlatching a big pet crate and taking out an aluminum flooring jack, a torque wrench, and a cordless influence vehicle driver before dominating a chaotic variety of all three together with a tire scale, the jack’s removable deal with, and the truly essential bits a pair of skinny wheels and tires. 2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review Parts Dodge earlier validated that the vehicle will be delivered on four ultrawide Nitto drag radials. That, plus our supposition on the significance of a cryptic license plate shown in one picture, had us thinking AWD.

2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review

But this most current clip shows that the Nittos on the front could be simply spares for the rear axle as soon as, you know, you roast the ones back there right into oblivion. It’s also possible the skinny tires that proprietors could make use of, called “runners” in the drag-racing globe, could not be DOT approved; for that reason, the additional pair of drag radials could be fitted to permit the car to be legally driven on public roadways. When a proprietor reaches a drag strip, they could crack open the Demon branded tool kit as well as swap out those front meats. How one obtains the substantial box to the drag strip is one more inquiry. We never ever get a shot of the back side of the cage. Maybe the skinny wheels are actually trailer wheels and the pet crate is actually a tiny trailer. Yeah, that’s uncertain. Compelled to presume, we wagered the tools have a dedicated place in the car somewhere (or Mopar will market some kind of organizer/tool bag) which proprietors could possibly stack the runners in the spare-tire well.

2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review United Kingdom

2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review In enhancement to the clip, Dodge released an image of a badge that appears to be affixed to the top of the box. This unique plate reads “Built for: Tom Coddington” (a member of Dodge’s Ramchargers drag-racing team that rose to prominence in the 1960s) and also consists of the identification number 0757 as well as a VIN that strangely enough consists of the letters “VIN” complied with by “001121.” Are they quarter-mile figures? The Demon clocking 11.21 seconds would certainly be as well sluggish, we believe, and 7.57 seconds is ridiculous. Output figures? We question that 757 describes the auto’s horsepower, as a mere 50-hp bump seems beneath the Demon’s specialness; we think it’s more likely to be the automobile’s torque figure in pound-feet, however we also think Dodge wouldn’t tease any kind of outcome numbers this very early at the same time. So what those numbers are pointing to continues to be a secret feel free to hypothesize in the comments listed below.

2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review

The video clip unfortunately does not offer us anymore peeks at the 2018 Dodge Challenger AWD Review itself, only the large device box sitting at the staging area at a drag strip. The YouTube clip’s description additionally checks out: “The Demon’s pet crate contains Direct Connection mods.” Mopar’s accessories catalog, it should be kept in mind, utilized to advertise bolt-on performance parts as Direct Connection pieces long ago and for today they go by the Mopar Performance name and We dig the connection, and we waiting to seeing exactly what else Dodge has up its sleeve for its rear-drive and drag strip centric Challenger production.