2018 Dodge Viper GTS Review and Price Canada

2018 Dodge Viper GTS Review and Price Canada

2018 Dodge Viper GTS –┬áThe Dodge Viper will likely be never be confused to be one certain of individuals cars and trucks that are understanding of the whims of the environments. Eco-friendliness isn’t in the Viper’s language, and that’s appropriate for individuals loyal to the homegrown cars. It is interesting to see just what the designers have in shop for us worrying the 2018 Dodge Viper GTS idea. Naturally, the majority of these changes are reports as well as predictions, however they can not be neglected either.

2018 Dodge Viper GTS Review and Price Canada

The 2018 Dodge Viper GTS is going to hit the trail no earlier compared to late 2017, but there is no collection day at this point.

2018 Dodge Viper GTS Review and Price Canada

Like it or not, all cars and trucks developed for speed the 2018 Dodge Viper GTS included need to adhere to a specific set of guidelines when it involves body design. This does not make them also similar, however, yet all that carbon fiber as well as a low profile needs to come prior to uniqueness.

2018 Dodge Viper Concept Exterior

Yet do not despair right now, as there are plenty of details that make the brand-new Viper stand apart from the remainder, making all those minute modifications to the front and back fascias incredibly vital in their own right.

The brand-new spoiler and carbon-fiber fly the back are going to generate much more downforce, while all the small details will make this auto look stylish, hostile and elegant, also by cars standards.


The 2018 Dodge Viper GTS is mosting likely to be a rapid and sleek cars and truck, both from the outdoors and also from the in. Regarding the last is concerned, it needs to be mentioned that everything about the brand-new Viper is geared up to speed, and that suggests weight decrease to the extreme. This is why it ought to be shocking to find anything on the in that isn’t absolutely vital in some regard.


Geiger helps make its dealing efficiency modifications just like this. Using the Viper’s routine 8.4-liter V-10 engine, the German tuner installed and changed airbox and a custom-made exhaust method featuring its personal tubular headers and sporting activities drivers. It likewise played with the engine’s management device, remapping its numbers to complement the repairs and also bring the 2018 Dodge Viper GTS 710R power output as much as 710 horse power at 6,100 rpm as well as 635 pound-ft of torque. That is an outstanding enhance of 70 power and 35 lb-feet of torque above the common Viper. This power pump permits the Viper to dash from to 62 mph in simply 2.9 secs to pick a leading rate of 212 miles per hour. That is four-tenths-of-a-next quicker and also 7 mph more than the routine Viper.

2018 Dodge Viper GTS Review and Price Canada

Besides this minimalistic method, there will be adequate safety measures in addition to renovations to the seats and also the steering wheel. Carbon fiber for the dashboard should come as not a surprise, either. On the other hand, the finest Alcantara natural leather and also the extra grasp it provides makes it a perfect service for the furniture, so the classy and also pricey vibe is going to continue, as will the wide choice of interior trims.


Regarding engine selection goes, this is where all the obfuscation of the 2018 Dodge Viper enters play. Regrettably, penetrating this obstacle has confirmed much more tough (as well as challenging) than anticipated, so our best rate this factor concerns an 8.4 L V10 with 660 hp and also 610 lb-ft of torque, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission.

2018 Dodge Viper Concept

Sadly, if you are hoping for an automated, you may be disappointed. As for the specific specs, it is not surprising that there are none to be reported on, however even taking into consideration all the small tweaks and also renovations on the framework it is difficult to visualize the old 0-60 sprint in 3.3 secs obtaining any type of much better. Shave the 0.3 secs, possibly? Likewise, the full throttle of 200 miles per hour need to be obtainable at this moment.


As for the price of the 2018 Dodge Viper GTS, it is difficult to imagine any person without at least $120,000 on their account to be able to afford one. Which is only the start.