2019 Dodge RAM 3500 Dually Reviews – A six speed automatic the 66RFE (based on the significant duty 68RFE) replaced the 5 speed and adding strength and providing a lower 1st and better prime gear. The Ram significant Duty boosted torsion to 800 lb-ft, providing best in school towing of twenty-two,750 avoirdupois unit and a gross weight rating of thirty,000 lb; RamBox became optional altogether value categories. Towing capability inflated for all engines, and midyear seat-mounted facet airbags can become normal together with a black grille and bumpers on ST. Most Ram 2500 consumers prefer the crew cab and SLT or Outdoorsman; whereas most Ram 3500 consumers choose the Crew Cab and town or beef cattle. Some rumors have Dodge forsaking its exemption from a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), in pursuit of upper fuel consumption rate, for 2012 or 2013.

2019 Dodge RAM 3500 Dually Reviews

It’s pretty clear (or ought to be) that this can be not the kind of truck that one would decision a way of life vehicle—i.e., not a truck you’d expect somebody to use as a automobile substitute. The Ram 3500 is that the kind of truck that offers even a brief owner a robust urge to prevent off at Tractor provide Co. for a Carhartt jacket, steel-toed work boots, and fell gloves. and perhaps twenty rolls of wire, some dozen luggage of cement, and one amongst of} every journeyman they sell. That’s what this massive Ram is all about: work. you’ll be able to outfit the inside with voluminous fancy options—our take a look at truck enclosed $18,045 in extras, however most of that total visited work-related enhancements. Still, upmarket options like animal skin, navigation, heated seats, premium audio, and Uconnect telematics unfold solely a skinny veneer of civilization over a aboriginal brute with a piece ethic that creates your average Calvinist seem like a layabout.2019 Dodge RAM 3500 Dually Reviews

To put the Ram 3500 into perspective, here area unit some noteworthy numbers: 385 HP, 900 lb-ft of torsion, up to 7390 pounds of payload capability, 31,210 pounds of most towing capability. That increase is simply enough to provide this Ram a 40-lb-ft advantage over Ford’s Power Stroke V-8, though we must always add that there area unit 2 animal trainer versions of the Cummins vi.7-liter six: 350 hp/660 lb-ft and 370 hp/800 lb-ft. The goop Cummins offers this take a look at truck a small draw near torsion over Ford’s F-350, that helps yield an enormous draw near towing (3610 pounds, presumptuous each we have a tendency tore came upon for curved shape trailers) however a large disadvantage in payload (990 pounds) to the F-350 we tested recently.

Hook this baby up to bound riverbanks and you’ll turn boundaries. But again, this can be no work-on-Monday, cruise-on-Sunday ride. A mile or 2 on virtually any surface is enough to inform you that no pavement irregularity is just too tiny for the suspension to ignore.

To be fair, suspension parts designed to support near four ton payloads area unit reaching to be stiff once there’s nothing within the load bed. notwithstanding, the Ram’s ride quality are a few things to be endured instead of enjoyed. And whereas the Cummins turbo-diesel is nothing if not manly, it’ll ne’er be mistaken for a ICE. It’s not as clangorous as pre-common-rail diesels, however it leaves little question that what’s happening below the hood doesn’t involve spark plugs.

Diesels are concerning potency, of course, and therefore the Ram shocked America by work sixteen mpg over the course of our take a look at, albeit nearly always unladen. No surprise concerning acceleration, though: The zero-to-60-mph sprint consumed eight.6 seconds—about what you’d expect from a vehicle deliberation spill four tons. Ford’s F-350 Super Duty, that weighed a hundred pounds less, hit the mile-a-minute mark virtually a second faster. however the massive Ford was considerably thirstier than the Ram, recording twelve mpg.