2020 Dodge Durango GT Review – The Durango is still large and muscular in an era of soft crossings and curves, and is not so similar to a truck as other large SUV. Handling is pretty good given its size and its management is comfortable. Gutsy engines (there is a V-6 and V-8) can be matched with rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The V-6 can tow 6200 pounds; The V-8 can tow 7400 pounds. The optional third row leaves room for seven. The system of Infotainment Uconnect touch 8.4 screen inches and radio satellite is optional; It is one of our favorite systems.

2020 Dodge Durango GT Review

Dodge Durango soldiers in 2019 with a minimum of changes aimed at increasing its appeal and comfort. The most visible change occurs in the GT model, which now incorporates the front design and LED fog lights of the Durango R / T and SRT.

While the R / T comes standard with the robust V-8 5.7 litres of 360 horsepower of the Dodge and the SRT is powered by the V-8 of 6.4 liters of 475 horsepower, the GT is strictly a 295 horsepower engine. V-6 engine of 3.6 litres. To complete the visual approximation of the GT of its V-8 brothers, buyers must opt for slotted campaign, which is standard on R / T and SRT.2020 Dodge Durango GT Review

The six and eight cylinder Durango Pursuit police vehicles look a stylistically similar front fascia incorporating brake cooling ducts to improve the performance of the front disc brakes of 13.8 inches and disks rear of 13.0 inches. The Durango with monitoring classification also includes shock absorbers from load leveling, a 220 amp alternator and heavy duty oil cooler and a water pump.

Durango 2019 civilian models benefit from a handful of new or revised features. Luxurious model Citadel now comes standard with the captain of the second row, SRT and R embellishments chairs / performance-oriented T added a premium Harman audio system / 19 Kardon speakers to its list of options, and the GT and six-cylinder trims now SXT to can be purchased with fabric or leather upholstery. Previously, leather seats were standard on the GT and were not available at the entry level SXT.

Regardless of the setting, each 2019 Durango equipped with trailer tow package now includes an integrated controller of brake and trailer. In addition, the monitoring of blind spots now offered as an independent choice across the model line. Dodge Durango 2019 goes on sale in the fall with a starting price of $31,390.