2020 Dodge Viper Mid Engine Review – It’s been over a year since Dodge has eliminated the Viper nameplate, but the hopes and desires of his revival have not come out of the surface of the Earth. Well, it’s inevitable: Viper is such an iconic name, one that won’t be easily eliminated at the end of its production.

2020 Dodge Viper Mid Engine Review

With that in mind, we’ll join the aspiring wagon and start the month of December with a Christmas wish: a Dodge Viper with a central rear engine.

Yes, we know, we know. The American company has already refuted the rumors about the Viper’s return. They were actually quick about it, eliminating the gossip in a week. However, our team of magicians (a.k.a. graphic designers) has created a version of a future Viper with a central engine, and we couldn’t help but want the representations to come true.2020 Dodge Viper Mid Engine Review

The previous representation is not really far from the previous Viper, except for the obvious modification of the body to allow a rear configuration of the central motor. However, with its central engine and it could easily challenge the European supersports like McLaren, Ferrari and Lamborghini, not only with its body type but with the heart that we think it should have.

Of course, the central engine Viper must be powered by a 4.2-liter double-turbo V8 capable of producing 650 horsepower. Of course, a more powerful version is always welcome, which should be enough to make your European counterparts vibrate.

It is too early to know if a rear central motor Viper really could become a reality in the coming years, as Dodge continues to deny speculation. But if the American brand actually returns the nameplate, it would be something the world would celebrate. We just hope it’s sooner. and more dazzling.