2021 Dodge Challenger ACR Review

2021 Dodge Challenger ACR Review

2021 Dodge Challenger ACR Review – Dodge may be thinking about revisiting the limited edition concept expected for the 2021 model next year. Mopar Insiders cites “additional diving planes” for adjustable dual element rear wings made of carbon fiber, removable extension of the front splitter, and better aerodynamics. This sounds like a road racer to our ears, and like the Challenger SRT daemon, the ACR is shipped only in the driver’s seat.

2021 Dodge Challenger ACR Review

$ 1 is the passenger seat price and is an option that also applies to the Challenger R / T Scat Pack 1320. However, the biggest problem with such a specification is that Challenger ACR is still a challenger. It is difficult to imagine how engineers can improve with trial and error recipes that are heavy, wide, and swallowed in high-speed corners.

The Mopar Insider doesn’t have information about what’s hiding under the hood, but Wesley Motorsport road racers rely on Hellcat’s 797 hp Red Eye specification. The 6.2 liter supercharged V8 may not match the engine of the Challenger SRT daemon, but nevertheless it is still the annual top dog for the 2019 and 2020 models.

Only Ford is approaching a 5.2 liter predator inspired by the Mustang Shelby GT500, Mustang Shelby GT350 Voodoo V8. The supercharged engine develops 760 hp and 625 lb-ft torque from the factory, and pricing can easily exceed $ 100,000.

In a related note, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is believed to have pushed the next generation charger and challenger back to the 2023 model. A press photo of the 2020 Challenger reveals 2,023 miles to the odometer, a type of mileage that may function as an Easter egg.

It is not yet clear if the FCA will borrow a Giorgio platform from Alfa Romeo Giulia or support it from Maserati. Of course, switching to either of them also means that hybridization will come.

Dodge offers a lot of great new cars, but since Viper ACR disappeared, the lineup has lacked hardcore truck-oriented machines. What Dodge should do is build an ACR model from lightweight parts, many aeros, and a challenger with great power. And if this Mopar Insiders report is believed, we may just get our wishes.

Citing an unnamed source, Mopar Insiders argues that Dodge is planning a range-topping truck-oriented challenger to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the nameplate and may wear an ACR badge. Mopar Insiders suggests that before that, like Viper ACR, the car will get adjustable wings and a removable splitter. The outlet also says ACR comes from the factory without a passenger seat, but like the Challenger SRT daemon, it can be returned for $ 1. Sounds fun.

Of course, none of this is confirmed. In addition, the Challenger is a big and heavy car, so it takes a lot of work to make it suitable for the ACR name. But how cool is the street legal challenger truck car? We certainly hope it will be a reality.

This week, muscle car and track eagle-eyed people discovered some obvious details in the 2020 Dodge Challenger press photo. The number 2023 was displayed in the instrument cluster of the muscle car press image. Now Dodge likes to drop Easter eggs on teasers and photos, so we, along with other motor media, waste time reporting that the company may have suggested the 2023 release of the next-generation coupe I did n’t.

Unfortunately, Dodge acted quickly to put out the fire, as reported by the car and driver. According to Dodge spokesman, the next generation will not be released in 2023 as suggested by Easter Egg.

Regarding Dodge’s countermeasures against rumors, it seems that cars and drivers are on the fence. As already mentioned, the company likes to tip the teaser, and Dodge has confirmed that the launch of a new challenger has been pushed back. We are with them on this but who knows-maybe it wasn’t really a hint?

This rumor will be rolled back to the burner after Dodge’s statement, but there are other speculations surrounding the high-power muscle car. One of the rumors is that challengers can wear Viper ACR badges with information coming from Mopar Insiders anonymous sources next year.

What is not speculated is that challengers will continue to outperform Camaro and Mustang this year, and the next challenger will maintain the retro styling of the next generation model.

That said, Dodge expects to take advantage of the popularity of the two-door coupe next year or so to explain why the company refutes rumors about the release of the next model.