2021 Dodge Challenger Convertible Canada

2021 Dodge Challenger Convertible Canada

2021 Dodge Challenger Convertible Canada – Fancy a late-model Dodge Challenger without a roof? There are some examples out there like the one that is in the Gallery under the Keffer Chrysler Jeep Dodge & RAM Trucks, but we strongly emphasize little. The truth is, we do not know exactly how many Challenger screens are about, for each one is a custom-built creation courtesy of the car Namark. In The old days you may get a Challenger ragtop, but in spite of Ford and Chevrolet offers predatory versions of the Mubit and Camaro, Dodge never cycled his muscular competitor in the convertible market.

2021 Dodge Challenger Convertible Canada

Why is that? A recent report of Muscle Motors & trucks Certainly do not answer the question, but it leaves some interesting light on the subject. In short, Dodge apparently feel that there is not a business case to engineer and build a Challenger convertible. Talk to Dodge Challenger brand manager Keven Hellman, MC & T said he was aware that the demand for such a version was already met by the Nasmark, and that, “… Like anything else, there must be a business case that will support it. “

No other insight is offered on why Dodge does not offer a Challenger convertible, but there is certainly a few space to read here between the lines. Cut the roof off a car is easy, but make it actually work good is tremendously hard-I. E. Duration – especially for high-power performance machines such as the Challenger. The roof serves an integral role in a vehicle’s structural rigidity, so when it is removed, that rigidity must be added elsewhere.

Such work adds weight, and we all know the Challenger is already very heavy compared to its Detroit competition. Besides that, even with gobs of boosting it may not be possible for the Dodge of the Challenger sufficiently reinforced to stand behind as a factory-building vehicle. And so that we do not forget, weight is also the enemy of performance.

Dodge had a good thing going with the Challenger. Despite a positive old platform and design, it is still to enjoy strong sales and even draw in younger buyers. Perhaps the answer to Dodge’s lack of a convertible Challenger actually comes down to a simple cliché: if it is not broken, do not fix.

There are many variants of the Dodge Challenger you can buy, from the R/T to the SRT Hellcat. And yet Dodge has never built a convertible version of the iconic muscular car. However, if you have always dreamed of owning a Dodge Challenger convertible, this North Carolina trader sells some personal examples. We are accustomed to seeing artists travel magine coupes as convertibles, but this is the real deal.

Motor Authority reported that the ambitious project was commissioned by Keffer Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM in North Carolina, which has convertible builders LLC in High spring, Florida, to chop down the Challenger roof and add a retratifisoft top.

Three convertible people were made in total, including a grey Challenger R/T Scat pack Widebody, which packed a 485 wasp power, 6.4-litre V8 under the hood. In addition, the trader also offers a red Challenger R/T convertible and a white R/T Scat Pack convertible. No doubt to remove the roof will greatly improve the Challenger’s V8 soundtrack.

The conversion took several months to complete, and each car still comes with their factory guarantee apart from the convertible soft top, making carriers a one-year spare parts and labor guarantee. The most expensive of the bunch is the R/T Scat pack Widebody, which has a price point of $63 995. It is almost $20 000 more than the usual R/T Scat pack Widebody, which will introduce you $46, 2450.

The dealer sells the convertible R/T Scat Pack for $59 780 and the R/T for $56 300. For comparison, the R/T Scat pack starts at $40 245 and the R/T starts at $34 545 without any optional extras. Each convertible is essentially brand-new with factory miles and a host of optional extras installed, and the conversion looks surprisingly professional. The dealer did not say whether it is the intention for more commission and we suspect there will be a lot of demand, so you might want to act quickly if you have always desired a Dodge Challenger convertible.