2021 Dodge Challenger 426 Redesign

2021 Dodge Challenger 426 Redesign – 2021 Dodge Challenger is confirmed and will enter the new generation. One of the biggest news, besides the naturally aspirated Hemi V8, is the new platform. Speculation shows that the Challenger and Charger will switch to the rear-wheel platform. The same Platform that supported Alfa Romeo Giulia today. However, that’s not the case because the Challenger and his Charger brothers will continue to use the current architecture.

2021 Dodge Challenger 426 Redesign

Challenger is one of the best-selling models for Dodge and the current generation will continue in the same way for a few more years. However, the Challenger 2021 will definitely mark the start of a new generation. That means change and improvement will be significant. On the other hand, this model is still two and a half years away and most of the details are unavailable.

2021 the upcoming Dodge Challenger coupe will continue to rise on the current platform. The same is true for brothers sedan Dodge Charger. Many will find the architecture today too old because its roots come from the 90 ‘s. And while most of the company’s vehicles get a new platform, Challenger still uses the same. Architecture is currently in attendance since 2011. Rumors started a few months ago, and some sources say that the new generation Challenger will get a new platform. However, company CEO Sergio Marchionne denied the rumor.

He said no need to hurry and choose the platform Giorgio. That means the 2021 Challenger will still use the same foundation as the current model. Marchionne refused to give further details but he suggested that Chrysler 300 could not return.

A friendly reminder, Chrysler 300 uses the same platform as the Challenger. When it comes to exterior design, we still do not know what drinks will Dodge bring. So far, it can be ensured that the 2020 model will arrive with a very small upgrade.

2021 Dodge Challenger 426 Interior

Interior details have not been announced. The new generation will definitely introduce a lot of improvement. As a result, we can expect a much better cab with more premium features and materials. For now, the Dodge Challenger 2020 will not undergo many changes. Precisely, the upgrade will be smaller since the 7.0 inch touchscreen is the largest interior update.

2021 Dodge Challenger will definitely offer you a much better cab with an incredible level of comfort. We just hope for the same combination of modern design and the retro feel that is in the cabin so far. After all, the same retro feeling is one of the things why we love Challenger.

Powertrain offers a stunning show

Literally, everyone really loves Dodge Challenger because of its amazing appearance. 2021 Dodge Challenger won’t get any new platforms or disposal tips. That means the current lineup of machines will still exist. On the other hand, the new generation usually presents one new longer drivetrain, but there’s no need to speculate at the moment. For now, the 6.2-liter engine is definitely. This Unit will get less power thanks to the Hellcat supercharger. The goal of Dodge is to give at least 700 horses. Dodge Demon offers over 800 HP at this time. Knowing it, automakers will probably reset the current engine to 750 horses, around.

Giving extra power is much cheaper than producing an entirely new machine. However, one significant change will occur. The 426 Hemi V8 can be available in the year 2020. That means the 2021 Challenger can arrive with this naturally-sucked longer drivetrain. The same speculation says that Ram is willing to introduce the same machine with a range of pickup trucks.

However, the rumors still have to be confirmed. This type of Unit must meet emission regulations. Secondly, this machine provides very large power so it is not legal in the streets of America. For sure, some special variants such as a Challenger racing car can get the 426 Hemi V8 engine.

2021 Dodge Challenger 426 Demon

The high-performance variant of Dodge Challenger can also arrive once again in 2021. You have to admit how strangely the fact that performance-oriented cars offer high-performance variants. SRT Demon will also use the same V8 6.2 liter which will result in 840 horses and 770 lb-ft torque. The figures make SRT Demon the world’s strongest car made in a factory.

The 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will probably get a new manual transmission, but that’s it. The car wouldn’t get too much innovation as the basic model of Challenger, for sure.

2021 Dodge Challenger Price and release date

The upcoming Dodge Challenger 2021 price will definitely be higher than the current price. That means the next generation Challenger will cost around $35,000. The Demon SRT variant will cost up to $80,000. This muscular car will enter the dealer at the beginning of 2021 and will not deploy new platforms as many people believe.