2021 Dodge Viper Engine Review – Dodge is pretty notorious for canceling the Viper and then reviving it. This is the case again with a new report claiming that Viper will return as a 2021 model. The catch for fans of the car is that the v10 muscle Viper has been known for as its introduction will be no more. The revived Viper will instead use an aluminum block V8 engine with two variants expected. The standard Viper will pack a 550hp V8 under its long hood. A jumped-up version is expected to Cram a super charged version of this engine undercooling the helmet making over 700hp. If Viper wants to quit what Chevy is cooking with the Corvette ZR1, it will need some power.

The good news if these power outputs don’t impress you is that the Viper will use lots of aluminum and carbon fiber to keep the weight down. Word is that the car will be a convertible only from the start with a coupe version coming a few years later.

Following the closure of FCA’S Conner Avenue assembly plant instead of a historic vehicle collection, the fifth generation of Viper is dead. Made. Kaput. But don’t expect the beloved sports car to be gone for a long time; rumor has it that Dodge could revive the Viper for the next few years, and it could drop its powerful V10 engine for the first time ever instead of an even more potent V8.

According to Car and Driver, Viper will make its way back to dealerships (and back into our hearts) by the end of this decade. It will be the second time the sports car gets a rebirth after its re-introduction in 2012, and like the last model, it will be extensively reworked.2021 dodge viper concept ,2021 dodge viper mid engine ,2021 dodge viper cost ,2021 dodge viper acr ,2021 dodge viper pictures ,2021 dodge viper engine ,2021 dodge viper srt ,new 2021 dodge viper

For one, the sixth iteration could come powered by a naturally aspirated, aluminum-block V8. Like all Vipers before it, the engine will be tucked in front of the driver behind the front axle. Power should be somewhere in the neighborhood 550 (410 kilowatts) to boot, with High-output variants closing in on Hellcat’s 707-HP (527-kW) figure.

That more powerful V8 will reportedly pair with a lighter built-in chassis, and a body covered extensively in carbon fiber and aluminum. That means not only will it be more powerful, but lighter, too. Unlike the outgoing model, Dodge could even offer a convertible option at launch.

Rumors have it that Viper could show up as early as next year at the Detroit Auto Show. The 2019 date would mark 30 years since the original Viper concept introduction, but the car wouldn’t hit the road until at least 2020 or 2021. Considering it will borrow its engine from elsewhere in the FCA lineup, the asking price could be just shy of $ 100,000 to start.2021 dodge viper concept ,2021 dodge viper mid engine ,2021 dodge viper cost ,2021 dodge viper acr ,2021 dodge viper pictures ,2021 dodge viper engine ,2021 dodge viper srt ,new 2021 dodge viper

The purists will understand that a manual transmission is expected. It’s a welcome addition to the car when most of the competitors are moving to flappy paddle automatic only. Perhaps the best news is that the car is tipped for a far more affordable starting price.

Vipers are expected to start at under $ 90,000. Not exactly a bargain, but the last Viper started in the low six-figure range. A concept is likely in 2019 in Detroit to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the car. Expect to see the car hit dealerships by the end of 2020 as a 2021 model.