2020 Dodge Challenger News Review

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2020 Dodge Challenger News Review – The Challenger is still a strong seller for Dodge and the car maker is happy to keep the current generation of models alive for a couple of years. But eventually, the time will come for a new Challenger, who is believed to arrive sometime in 2021 along with the next generation Charger.

2020 Dodge Challenger

Our exclusive representation shows a possible aspect of the new model and our artists have taken the evolutionary path. We do not expect drastic changes in the overall profile of the car, apart from a little more muscular wheel steps and a wider rear part. At the front, the familiar design with four round headlamps will probably be maintained and combined with a more pronounced grille and larger air inlets in the bumper.

At this point, we have no clear indication of what platform the new Challenger is supporting. In September last year, it was reported that Dodge could move the vehicle to a Maserati architecture, which will be presented with the new Ghibli sedan. Previous rumors even suggested that the future Charger and Challenger could use the Alfa Romeo chassis Giorgio. However, about two months ago, Motor Authority claimed that the duo will continue on the Chrysler LX platform versions, which is now over 10 years old.

“The problem with Giorgio is from the point of view of size and capacity, since it reflects much more than a European performance requirement that the US heritage of Dodge “, explained Marchionne in June this year.

Of course, if that’s the final decision of Fiat Chrysler automobiles, the platform will be revised to a great extent to help Dodge meet the stricter safety and emissions standards of the next decade. In fact, it is already working on the revised architecture and “Certainly, by the time we are done with that architecture, it will not recognize its origins “.

Dodge is the last of the big three in Detroit that really keeps the purpose and inheritance of the muscular cars alive with the Challenger and the Charger. As the Mustang and the Camaro have moved on to similar experiences to sports cars, the high-powered Dodges have stuck to their weapons like straight-line giants with little intent to compete with others in the corner carving.2020 Dodge Challenger News Review

People are still looking for modern cars like the Challenger, as sales increased, while sales of Mustang and Camaro were successful in 2018. That said, the new chief of the FCA, Mike Manley, said things will change electrically for the next generation, in a report by The Detroit News. “The reality is that the platforms and technology we use should go ahead. They cannot exist as they delve into the middle of the decade of 2020. The new technology will drive a weight load, so we can think about the engines. In a different way. And we can use the electrification to actually complement those vehicles.

The news about the electrified muscular cars is nothing new at the moment. Ford says he’s going to reveal a Mustang Hybrid in 2020. And with Al Oppenheiser (former Camaro chief engineer) who is moving to GM’s electricity division, Chevrolet is likely to be working on an electrified version of the Camaro. This, however, is the first solid evidence we have that FCA and Dodge are making such a move.

What Manley said next is something we all know to be true but a bit heartbreaking, nonetheless. “I think the electrification will certainly form part of the formula that says what the American muscle is in the future. What’s not going to be is a 700 horsepower V8 engine supercharged “says Manley.

Even if it’s a bit silly, we all love the Hellcat for its 707 horsepower V8. Clearly, many other people do too, because Dodge continues to develop more crazy versions of the car with Redeye and Demon. As for the amount of electrification the Dodge muscle will receive, Manley would not go into detail. Although it does say that electrification “cannot be the dominant part “. This should provide some comfort to all those concerned about the fact that the gasoline engine could disappear from the American car. Just as Dodge resists deviating from the original intent of the muscle, it is not hard to imagine that the Challenger/Charger is the last to become completely electric. Gas engines supplemented by 48 volt systems or plug-in hybrids will probably be the final result when we see the first electrified Challengers.

The transition to an electrified vehicle could eventually be the thrust that Dodge needs to get away from the old platform he currently uses, a platform developed in the mid-2000 based on parts of the Mercedes W210 platform Developed in the decade of 1990. Since then, important updates and updates have been made, but it remains one of the oldest foundations of a vehicle sold in the U.S. Today.2020 Dodge Challenger ,2020 dodge challenger srt hellcat ,2020 dodge challenger demon ,2020 dodge challenger 426 ,2020 dodge challenger convertible ,2020 dodge challenger scat pack ,2020 dodge challenger colors ,2020 dodge challenger rt ,2020 dodge challenger price

We’ll probably hear more of this in the next few years, but consider it very much in the future right now. The middle of the years 2020 is a long way from 2019, so consider its V8 of more than 700 horsepower, supercharged and induces fear for the moment.

For 2020, the Hellcat engine will be on sale over the course of 7 calendar years. No other American performance car has been offered with monster power like the Hemi supercharged during this time period, and any realistic reducer knows that it’s only a matter of time before the Hellcat leaves the lineup. When Ford or Chevrolet have offered powerful versions of their high-performance cars, such as the Mustang GT500, the Camaro ZL1 or the Corvette ZR1 (or Z06), have been offered for certain models of models within a given generation, but the Hellcat Challenger It has be available during all years of this muscle car generation of MOPSR.

In other words, the Hellcat cars have had a good run, longer than any other similar competing car, but anyone who thought that the more than 700 horsepower and supercharged that Hemi would be around forever alone was Deceiving themselves. When these cars were introduced, they were expected to be offered for one or two years, but we are already in our sixth year Hellcat sales calendar (sales started in the mid-2014) and supercharged models are still selling well.

Hybrid and Great Power2020 Dodge Challenger News Review

While the Hellcat Hemi cannot be offered in six years, there is no reason to believe that a hybrid Dodge Challenger means the end of the V8 engine. The introduction of something like a hybrid V6-based engine would help to improve the fleet’s fuel economy number, making room for more V8 models. The way COFFEE laws work, higher-volume models have a greater impact on the brand’s required fuel economy numbers, while low-volume models (such as the Dodge Viper) have almost no impact. With this in mind, FCA could improve the fuel economy numbers of its higher-selling models while offering high-power models in smaller numbers. That does not mean that the Hellcat Hemi will be present forever, but the laws of COFFEE are structured to allow vehicles like the Hellcats to exist in lower numbers without a fine for the company.

More importantly, FCA is already using its eTorque hybrid system in Ram 1500 with Hemi engine, so the future electrification program of the Dodge Challenger could take a similar route, leading to a V8 hybrid car. In Ram, the eTorque system does a great job of offering an initial torque when towing, so it seems likely that some system variance can be adjusted and applied to a muscle cart.

The end is not tomorrow

So now we know that the Hellcat Hemi will not be present forever, but, once again, Manley was talking about the mid-2020. While that future might not have a Hemi supercharged in alignment, there is no reason to believe that the nearest future will have no more of the same Dodge Challengers and monstrous power Chargers that are on sale today. These cars are expected to enter the next generation in the next few years and at that time, there is a real possibility that the Hemi supercharged is not in the list of options, but if you are saving for a Hellcat Challenger or loader, you must have at least up to 2 020 to buy one at your local dealership, if not more.

So, if you didn’t know it before this weekend, no, the Hellcat Hemi will not be available for ever and sometime in the next decade, we’re likely to see a hybrid Dodge Challenger, but at least during model year 2019 and possibly 2020 , the high-powered MOPSR cars will still be sold.